We are open!  You can take classes in studio or online!  Just choose your room first:

Zoom Room:  LIVE! Online class through the Zoom App.  To find out more about how to take classes in our Zoom Room, click here.

Shiva Room: This is our largest group heat therapy room. It is heated to 105F and 40% humidity. Every class in this room is taught with a LIVE! teacher. If you are a beginner, we suggest you stick with classes in this room only. Classes in this room are broadcast to our Zoom Room.

Shakti Room:  This is our medium sized group heat therapy room.  It is also heated to 105F and 40% humidity.  It sometimes has a LIVE! Teacher, and sometimes not.  Be sure to check the schedule when booking this room- if there is a class in the Shiva Room at the same time, then this room will have speakers broadcasting this class with a LIVE! demonstrator- but no teacher present.  Experienced students only will be allowed in those classes.  

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Our schedule is currently empty.